[Exclusive] Zebpay Referral Offer: Tricks to Earn Bitcoins for Free


[Exclusive] Zebpay Referral Offer: Tricks to Earn Bitcoins for Free

Nowadays, Bitcoin is the hottest topic over the internet. Due to its sudden hike in the value, there’s increase in the demands. People are now believing more in this virtual currency and started investing a lot in it with expectations of getting huge returns. Bitcoin Prize has increased around 200% in last few months and this is the reason of its popularity nowadays. If you are unaware of the term Bitcoin or don’t know anything about it then don’t worry, here we will try to cover it up. We will also see Zebpay Promocodes to grab Free Bitcoins. 😉

Update: Bitcoin Price going down severely. It’s the Best time to invest in Bitcoin (as you will get it at a lower price) to expect a Huge Return in near Future. Bitcoin Price is expected to rise again soon. So if you are wishing to Invest then do it now. 😉

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has some value (i.e., a value in terms of money). It is one type of Cryptocurrency whose price keeps changing frequently. For example, initially before few months, the INR price of 1 bitcoin was just around Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000 but suddenly it got hiked to Rs 2,40,000+. Can you believe?

So How is it Useful or How to Make Money Out of it?

Well, you might have heard of investing money in Share market or in Cryptocurrencies. So basically, once can Buy Bitcoin(s) or even some part of a Bitcoin and hold it for a while and sell it again when its value increases. Let’s understand with an example.

For example, if the current Bitcoin value is Rs 2,50,000 and I purchase Rs 50,000 worth of Bitcoin and hold it for few months and sell it when I see the price hike. So let’s say the price of Bitcoin is then Rs 2,80,000 so when I sell it, I get more than my buying price. So that is profit.

Clear? So this is why Bitcoin is the interesting and popular topic these days.

So next question you may have is Where to Buy & Sell Bitcoins? or How to Buy & Sell Bitcoins?

Well, there are several trusted applications and services available to Buy Bitcoins or Sell Bitcoins whenever and wherever you want. There’s no necessity like if you are selling Bitcoin(s) then there has to be someone to buy Bitcoin(s) from you. These apps which we will talk further are there for you to help you with all the services. And Yes, they are free of charge, free of cost!

One most popular and most trusted App to Buy and Sell Bitcoin is Zebpay which is Indian App with Security measures, has got lots of users already!

What is Zebpay?

Zebpay is one of the Leading Bitcoin Exchange in India to Buy & Sell Bitcoins. Zebpay has a Mobile app for Buying & Selling of Bitcoins.

Using Zebpay app, you can Buy Bitcoin, Store Bitcoin in Zebpay Wallet and even Sell it whenever you want. You can even Track Price Changes of Bitcoin and Transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

So are you interested in Investing your Savings in Bitcoin trading? If you say you don’t have money to invest then also we have a solution for it. We have Tricks to Earn Free Bitcoin(s) Easily and without any Investments. Just keep on reading.

Zebpay App, as a Promotional offer, they are running Zebpay Refer and Earn Offer through which users can earn Free Bitcoins from Zebpay App just by inviting their friends to this App. You just have to Share your Zebpay Referral Code or Zebpay Promo Code to your friends and when they join using your Code and invest then you earn some part as Commission in the form of Bitcoins. Cool, isn’t it? Let’s see in depth.

If you use the given Below Zebpay Referral Code then you will be getting Rs 100 worth Bitcoin absolutely Free on your first transaction in Zebpay App.

Requirements of Zebpay Referral Code Trick:

  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Details

You will need this both the things for Verification of your Identity to use Zebpay App and Buy, Sell, Store Bitcoins. Then you will be ab

le to Apply any working Zebpay Promocode or Referral code.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins using Zebpay App?

1. First of All, Download Zebpay App by Clicking below Download button:

   Download Zebpay

Note: Zebpay App is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Install and Open Zebpay App and go through the Introduction.

3. Enter your Mobile Number to Register. Verify your Mobile Number and Complete the Registration.

4. Now to Use all the features of Zebpay App, you have to verify your identity and account.

So just click on Menu and select verification option. Under verification, you have to Submit PAN Card, Bank Account and Address Details. Just submit your genuine details and they will manually verify it within 1-3 working days.

5. Once verified, you can use full features of Zebpay app along with Zebpay Referral Code Offer.

6. Now to get Free Rs 100 worth Bitcoins, click Menu and select free bitcoins option.

7. [Important] On the top, it may ask you to enter promo code, so just Enter Zebpay Promo Code as REF70961555

Enter Zebpay Promo and click on verify button to Submit it.

8. Now you are eligible to receive Rs 100 worth Bitcoins on your first Bitcoin transaction. So to do the first transaction, you can Buy Bitcoins of your Choice amount. Minimum Rs 1000 worth Bitcoins you need to buy. So just click on Buy and enter your choice amount and Buy Bitcoins.

9. To earn bitcoins for free from Zebpay Referral Offer, you have to invite your friends to Zebpay App. So click on Menu and select free bitcoins option.

10. In the same section, you will find your Zebpay Referral Code. Just click on the sharebutton and start sharing your Zebpay Referral Code or Zebpay Promo Code or Zebpay Referral Link with your Friends, Family, etc.

11. Ask your friends to join Zebpay through your Zebpay Referral or Promo code and when they make their first Transaction on Zebpay, they will get free Rs 100 worth of Bitcoins as Bonus. You will earn 0.10% of commission from your friend’s transactions amount in the form of Bitcoin.

Special Notes for Zebpay Referral Offer:

1. You’ll only Earn when your friends use your Referral Link and Enter your Zebpay Promo Code while Sign up.

2. You can only Earn Free Bitcoins of Maximum of Rs 50,000.

3. You’ve to verify your Zebpay Account using PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Bank Account Details. The verification process can take 24-48 hours.

Zebpay Referral Codes or Zebpay Promo Codes

Here we will add up all the available or new Zebpay Promo Codes or Referral Codes.

1. REF70961555

Using above given Zebpay Referral or Promo Code (Zebpay Promocode), you will get Rs 100 Worth of Bitcoins for Free on your First Transaction at Zebpay. Goto Free Bitcoins Section from Menu in Zebpay App and Apply this Zebpay Promo Code: REF70961555.

More Zebpay Promo Codes will be added here… Stay Tuned!!

That’s all about Zebpay Referral Code, Zebpay Promo Code and Trick to Earn Free Bitcoins Using Zebpay App. If you found this Trick useful then do share this article with your friends. We are already testing few apps using which you can earn more bitcoins. We will add up more apps and tricks to earn free Bitcoins, keep your eyes on this post. Thank you!